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About Us


Ahmad Pasley is the scriptwriter and visionary behind this project. He is a published author, poet and playwright. 

Ahmad is uniquely qualified to present this material because of personal experience. He was released from incarceration 14 years ago.

For more than two decades, he harbored intense animosity toward police officers. But during his last period of incarceration, he began to recognize the real dangers of criminal mindsets, and the absolute necessity for the presence of law enforcement.

Ahmad is a psychology major, currently working on a bachelor's degree. Studying psychology has helped him to recognize and counter his implicit bias. Psychology has also assisted him in crafting this screenplay, and viewing the issues at-hand from a neutral perspective. He hopes this presentation will encourage others to do so as well.

Ahmad Pasley

Jonathan Martin is an accomplished actor and filmmaker who joined the project as a partner and visionary.

He brings deep experience, a unique perspective, and an innovative spirit that will enable this script to achieve its full impact.

Jonathan is a storyteller. His production company is 

Black Sock Productions. He has produced film in the following categories:

Corporate, fashion, music, documentary, and short films. Jonathan brings his passion for storytelling to "The Confrontation" with the goal of making an important and impactful film


Jonathan Martin

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